Get emotional with Tourmake. Discover Tourmake Reactions!

Have you ever thought how useful your feedback can be for someone visiting a place for the first time, even virtually? 

With the Tourmake Reactions plugin:

- You are free to communicate your opinion in real time directly in the virtual tour.
- Your comments help other visitors to get a clear idea of the place, providing practical tips and useful references.
- Business owners can continuously improve thanks to your feedback.
- Geolocalised and contextualised reviews allow you to directly link the emotions experienced to specific points on the virtual tour making the feedback increasingly realistic.

Don't settle for traditional reviews based on a limited view of static pictures and past experiences that may not be very detailed.

Combine comments, emotional reactions and pictures to create a complete and immersive feedback with Tourmake Reactions. Enter the future of reviews and discover a new way to share your point of view!


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