Virtual Reality is addictive, exciting, useful for your business and with Tourmake also fun! Thanks to the new Gaming Tourmake plugin, 360-degree navigation can turn into a game show that encourages users to explore the tour to the end, looking for hidden points and exclusive advantages to conquer.

There are many features at your disposal to take advantage of gaming in Tourmake as an immersivemarketing tool, including: automatic coupon generation and insertion system, custom layout, progressive dynamic bars, user database, emails and automatic messages in 23 languages, contact capture forms.


The tour becomes a real treasure hunt (up to 3 games per tour) through which:

-  Invite to open hotspots and not to neglect any multimedia content;

-  Incentives to visit specific areas according to the navigation path more functional to your objectives;

-  Stimulate search among the details to acquire data and reward those who have chosen to play with you.

See here an example of how Gaming Tourmake can help you capture your users' attention and give value to your VRproject:

Try now our new plugin or contact us for more information!