Bunk'Art VR Experience is the extraordinary project that, thanks to the Tourmake technology, virtualizes two museum spaces unique in the world: Bunk'Art 1 and Bunk'Art 2, among the largest bunkers in Albania transformed into historical-artistic exhibition

The project includes two interactive virtual tours in 3 languages, about 300 high definition panoramic photos, over 2000 multimedia contents (photos, texts, video, audio) distributed over a total space of almost 3000 square meters and a management panel completely dedicated to museum needs. An exciting journey in the history of the '900 on which the Italian-Albanian team worked through the platform Tourmake Museum, designed to replicate the actions and sensations of visitors (from the payment of the ticket to exploring the details) in an environment faithful to reality that remains accessible at any time.

To accompany users a multilingual guide that reveals the secrets of the communist regime and illustrates the characteristics of the route, always navigable via map, menu or arrows even with VR headsets.

By exploring Bunk'Art VR Experience, you can now discover the concrete potential that the Tourmake Museum platform can offer with all the specific features of the panel. Relive the past with the eyes of the future and apply your project to support culture by giving museums a new opportunity for growth and promotion!

Details and tickets on: https://vrbunkart.com/