Tourmake ver 2.0 - Coming soon

Dear Partners,

We would like to thank you all for your trust and finally announce the release of the new Tourmake panel.

Starting from Monday, 29/09/2014, for the whole week, the Tourmake service will be limited.

Introducin the new version 2.0, with a significant update to the tour-editing-pannel.

Our team has been working hard on all your feedbacks and requests, releasing with this update the most requested functionalities, giving more stability to the tool itself, improving the design and giving you access to the newest technologies.   The old control-panel wiI be removed and all your tours will be automatically updated to the new version.

Following some of the main features introduced with Tourmake 2.0:

1) New panel with all-integrated-functions: Tthe new configuration allows you to customize the tours directly as you walk them, making the moderation more intuitive and letting you see the updates  made ​​in real time,  acting directly on the tour.

2) Connect different virtual-tours & views: Tourmake allows you to connect multiple tours, from different locations, under the same main virtual-tour.  Connecting multiple Business View tours together, Views & Business View, Street View, Photosphere etc...

3) Menus and submenus: Manage multiple menus and sub-menus is no longer a problem, in fact you are allowed to create sub-areas or points at infinity without distinction.

4) Multiple areas: You are now allowed to split a pano in countless areas of interest to manage multiple pop-up menu during the transition and rotation.

5) Interactive tool forms:  It is possible to identify points of interest through the new instrument forms or pointer to select surfaces or wrap around objects.

6) Multimedia background:  Introduction of audio and sounds in background, associated with areas or point of interest.

7) Html pro:  You can now embed almost anything or create a custom pop-up window with your favorite editor.

8) Freedom of movement:  Move the pop-up windows and place them  where you want on the screen without changing the content, manage the movement and the appearance.

9) Multi-language tours:  You can setup your tour in 5 different languages together.

 10) Graphic assistant:  Introduced two new templates to enhance standard tours.

11) Consolle tour rotator/WOW function: Creates an extraordinary video from your tour, allows auto-rotation of a pano in sequence and to initiate the rotation of each view from the areas of interest menu. At the same time you can magically bring up descriptions, open windows or turn on audio-tracks.

12) Logo:  Put a logo on the menu, available in two versions, black and white.

13) 500 new icons available: To speed up the work you will have access to many icons, but you can also create your own gallery, different for each tour, by loading from external sources also animated gif.

14)Qrcode generator :  To better enjoy the mobile version we provide a qr code for each tour, to be delivered to the customer, so that you clients can use on business cards and advertising materials.

15) Multiple-user-management:  Choose what to delegate to your customer!  The vision of Analytics by Tourmake, updating content  or even the positioning of the marker, in a distinct manner for various needs or business partners.

These are some of the main updates, many more are waiting for you....