The most beautiful ship as you've never seen it before! Tourmake makes you discover the Italian Navy’s school ship Amerigo Vespucci, an institution, operating since 1931. Each element of the Amerigo Vespucci virtual tour was created with the innovative Viewmake technology: the introductory video, the walkable virtual tour and contents that show the areas and points of interest. Crossing the bridges and descending below the old sailing ship is no longer just the exclusive preserve of a fortunate few who can access it on the rare occasions when it docks all over the world, but it is now easily practicable in virtual mode at any time and from any mobile device. Through a detailed map you can move quickly to different areas of the ship, you can leave comments with Tourmake Reactions by selecting the Cardboard Display and you can also navigate within the tour with virtual reality viewers. A largescale project, created in collaboration with Axelero, which will enable the oldest ship of the Navy to also browse online at full sails.

Visit the tour here→ https://tourmake.it/amerigovespucci