Local Tourmake is an innovative and cutting edge showcase that enhances the visibility of your virtual tour. The portal local.tourmake makes the search of virtual tours easier by showing an interactive map that localizes the virtual tours around the world, each one with a dedicated tab containing indexed contents. The pages dedicated to each tour are rich in useful information and are relevant to the user searches on the web. The contents of the virtual tour's hot spots are indexed on the search engine corresponding to the language chosen. In this way, the business gains more visibility into search engines thanks to a professional tab indexed as a website and easy to be found on the web, complete with virtual tours, details and contact information. Through the mobile version, customers can contact the business manager directly by calling or by sending an email in one click. The page is compatible with the tour built through Tourmake, Viewmake and Google Street View. To take advantage of all of these benefits, if you have a business on Google Maps, register your business on Local Tourmake. Use this space to showcase your work!

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